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The Emotional Health Hub was created after recognising a clear need for better ways to listen to the voices of young children. We aim to improve ways of identifying children who are struggling, in order to give them the right support at the earliest stage possible. This will give children the best chance to thrive and help prevent future mental health difficulties.


We are using our clinical experience, combined with the most recent research around young children's emotional health & wellbeing, to find engaging, evidence-based ways to capture children's voices.

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Mary Harris

Mary is a HCPC-registered Art Psychotherapist, specialising in 1:1 therapy with primary-aged children. She uses an attachment- and trauma-responsive approach to understand children who may communicate their distress in unexpected ways. Mary has worked for over a decade with children and adolescents both in education settings and in the community. She has former professional experience in research and app development.

Dr Jen McGahan

Jen is a lecturer in Psychology. Her teaching and research focuses on developmental and educational psychology. Jen is specifically interested in developing interventions to improve wellbeing and non-cognitive skills in the classroom. Her other research interests include using cognitive models of memory in the classroom to improve learning. 

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