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We provide more effective ways for primary-aged children to communicate how they feel and deal with their difficult feelings. We support professionals working with this age group to monitor, measure and intervene where children are struggling the most.

Our Philosophy

At The Emotional Health Hub we strive to help children feel heard and understood, even when they don't have the words. We combine research and practice to find the best ways to listen to their voices. 


Primary Schools needed for Emotional Health Screening and Monitoring pilot in UK

We are currently working on an exciting  project, with the aim of screening and monitoring the emotional health of primary school children. This work will help professionals to identify when additional support is needed and target resources more effectively. 


As a participating school, you will receive a detailed report of your pupils' emotional health which can be used to evidence a focus on wellbeing and overcoming barriers to learning to Ofsted. To find out more, click here.

Call out to UK-based Primary School Class Teachers

Join our community. We really want to get the insight of class teachers and TAs surrounding the experience of supporting children's emotional health in the classroom. Participation would involve a 30-minute online interview. For more information, 

click here.

"We need to do a little bit more to understand our pupils, beyond looking at behaviour, and parent voice and teacher voice, we need a more standardised measure"

Assistant Head and SENCO (Manchester) 

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